Frequently Asked Questions

Is the test valid for children?

Our online tests are currently only available for Adults at present. If you would like to test children from 7 years up to under 18 years, we can arrange an online test but note our Doctors are currently only licensed to treat mental health disorders in adults.

Is the test an actual diagnosis?

The DIVA and IVA-2 provide accurate indications of ADHD when reviewed in clinic with a psychiatrist. Completing the evaluation online can therefore give a very good indication of, but not confirm, a diagnosis. The results from the DIVA and IVA-2 can be used by any psychiatrist skilled in diagnosing ADHD to make a final diagnosis.

How accurate is the test and report?

Results are typically highly accurate (>90%) in the rare instance of invalid or ambiguous results our medical experts will give recommendations on how to address the situation.

Are these proper doctors?

Our team consists of exactly the same people in normal mental health private practices in the UK. We just cut out the delays, queues and referrals.

Why do these tests work so well?

Our approach has been developed based on thousands of real-world patients and industry-recognised protocols.