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Results Report by Dr Thomas Dannhauser
Consultant Psychiatrist PhD, MRCPsych, MBChB

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Our Mindfit Assessment tests all major areas of mental wellbeing including depression, anxiety, stress and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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Our Service

1.   An online ADHD test

Evaluate if you may have ADHD/ADD online for £195 with our medical experts.

Our pre-test questionnaire assesses 29 aspects of mental health. At your pre-booked appointment online, an accurate remote IVA-2 cognition and response test is supervised by a licensed healthcare professional. All data is reviewed by a UK accredited Consultant Psychiatrist, to accurately assess your condition and to report findings and recommendations.

2.   Delivered to you quickly

A report with conclusions and recommendations is produced within 7 business days of the test and delivered to your secure patient portal.

Detailed findings will be shared along with the review and recommendations. Optionally, book our Care Team or Experts for further advice and support.

3.  Supervised by accredited experts

Dr. Dannhauser provides consultant psychiatry online and at notable private hospitals in London and has been honorary senior lecturer in psychiatry at UCL. He is the MindFit Lead Neuroscientist half of his time, overseeing all medical professionals and clinicians in the online clinic.

Unlike psychologists or GPs, Dr. Dannhauser is a GMC registered and CQC regulated neuro-psychiatrist and able to diagnose and treat mental health disorders, including prescribing controlled medications to adults when required.

Our team includes MindFit GPs, mental health specialists and trained clinicians. The same experts that you would see traditionally but without the delays and wait times.

Our Approach

A number of risk factor areas are included in the short but smart decision support technology that evaluate:

Medical History
Stress Factors


Hear straight from people like you who started their transformative journey with our team.

R. K.

Verified Patient

I have a lot to be thankful for, finding a professional who could help me navigate the past. present & plan for a future without incident has been life changing. Dr D was patient, caring and very informative, helping me understand my condition better 5*

S. M.

Verified Patient

"I’m so glad I made the initial decision to reach out and tackle my mental health. I feel like a brand new person and I have Dr Dannhauser to thank for that. If anyone reading this is hesitant of reaching out, this is your sign!"

J. P.

Verified Patient

"I first saw Dr Dannhauser in early 2020 after struggling with anxiety and depression. I received professional, sympathetic and practical help that listened to my concerns and has helped me to rediscover a joy in life that I feared I'd never feel again."

S. K.

Verified Patient

Dr Dannhauser brings a holistic approach to patient care while focusing on the latest trends in cognitive research. In creating a treatment plan, he ensures long term strategies are in place - including a focus on relationships etc. Highly recommend!


Verified Patient

"A very professional and caring individual who offered help that I was so desperate for. I am happy that I chose Dr Thomas Dannhauser."

M. G.

Verified Patient

"Since seeing Dr. Dannhauser (18 months) I have had big changes in my life. The recommendations made & discussions had have made me better equipped to deal w/the challenges that previously held me back. I'm thriving at work, exercising & mentally stronger."

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We also offer an advanced mental health genetic test and report to evaluate if you are at a high risk of developing serious mental health conditions. Email us at to find out more.